I sold my soul to the Devil to taste his Sin and touch his Skin.
"Don't believe the Devil, I don't believe his book. But the truth is not the same without the lies he made up. Don't believe in excess, Success is to give. Don't believe in riches, but you should see where I live. I, I believe in love."
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I have the most amazing boyfriend in the entire universe. He’s the most gorgeous, sweetest, most charming boy I know, and he’s all mine.

Sometimes, I think about it, and it’s like… everything that’s ever sucked in my life was just something I had to go through to get here in my life, with him.

And the feeling I know now, that I get when I’m in his arms, makes me feel like everything was worth it.


I love you, Momo, My Majik Medicine Man. c:

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